LITD ~ Captured by Colston_0012

If I had to single out one thing that I love about this wedding it would have to be the flowers. I adore wild flowers and Jaimee and Brandon used them in abundance. Of course there is never just one thing that I love, the dress, the pie table, the rings….I really could go on and on.

Instead, I will leave you with words from photographer Captured by Colson on this beautiful day, ‘She wasn’t looking for anything serious… until she met Brandon. Their Ohio families thought they were crazy as they drove down the dirt lane to the venue, surrounded by old pines and farmland. They banded together to search local markets in an effort to create wildflower bouquets, centerpieces in milk glass vases and her romantic floral crown. Jaimee’s dress was custom designed in China where her aunt and uncle reside.

Her grandmother hand made dozens of pies from family recipes to serve the guests. And their cake topper was a generations old heirloom sitting atop their simple, single layer, rosette covered cake. Their lakeside wedding was honest and meaningful, with readings from both their mothers. It is very clear that Jaimee and Brandon are immensely loved by their family and friends who travelled many hours to spend this evening with them, and it was very easy to see why. Jaimee and Brandon were nothing if not hospitable and loving to their guests and to each other. I felt like I’d known them forever, though the first time we ever met was while she was getting ready for wedding day. They are a kindred couple, whom I have a very soft heart for. It was truly an honor to be surrounded by such careful consideration put into each detail of their gorgeous south Georgia wedding.’

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Photographer:  Captured by Colson//Caterer:Freckled & Blue//Band: chillula//Event Venue: The Peach Barn

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  1. Lori Rister says:

    One Word…STUNNING!!

  2. Gorgeous Photography !! Nice location too !!