LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0006

I wish every day was as beautiful as this. Today we are transporting you to the seductive charm of Tuscany for some serious romance.

Styled shoots are all about inspiration and this one makes my heart beat a little faster. Rich in beautiful blooms, elegant styling, gold detailing and that blush wedding dress is the cherry on top.

These images are quite simply beautiful.

Captured and styled by Mar and Joseba of Romance Weddingsinternational film photographers

LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0002 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0001 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0003 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0022 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0019 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0020 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0023 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0005 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0004 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0013 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0012 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0007 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0015 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0016 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0008 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0021 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0018 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0010 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0009 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0011 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0017 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0014 LITD {Tuscan Romance Weddings}_0000
Photography: Romance Weddings // Creative direction and Styling: Mar Sandoval for Romance Weddings // Flowers: Susana Sanchez // Wedding Gown: Santos Costura 
About Jessica

I am the founder and editor of Lace in the Desert and have called Dubai my home for 4 years. Elegant design, romantic textures, intricate detailing and heart yearning photography are my loves. You won’t find a single wedding or feature on here that I do not think is truly awesome. I also love champagne and crumpets.

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  1. Oh my , now this has brightened a rainy Thursday in the UK. Seriously stylish xx