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A few weekends ago, myself and the hub (his new favourite name for himself) were treated to a staycation in style at the Waldorf Astoria in Ras al Khaimah. Leaving the bright lights of Dubai behind for the weekend is such a luxury and almost necessary from time to time. Laptop off, bikini on and book out is my priority. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to theoretically do this at home, however, if you’re anything like me then it never actually happens.

So, bag packed and less than an hour and a half later, we arrive at this majestic hotel in RAK.

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{the room}

Our suite was HUGE, we soon realised that it was about twice the size of our apartment. The walk in dressing area had more than enough space for my one evening dress. The bathroom was elegant and moody, how a bathroom should be I feel.

A special mention has to go to the bathrobes. Hands down the snuggliest, softest robes ever. Fact.

Had it not been for the book/sunbed scenario downstairs, I could have happily chilled on any of the 4 sofa options through the suite, but alas, vitamin D it was.

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It came as a pleasant surprise to both of us that the restrictions surrounding eating and drinking in Ramadan don’t apply here. Beer by the pool? You’ve got it.

The soft beds and great service by the pool make a day of chilled reading simply idyllic. For those who require more of an activity though there tennis courts, a specific lap pool and a gym to occupy your time.

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It should be noted that Azure by the pool serves a delicious shawarma for your lunch time treat….I’m a sucker at the best of times but this was yummy personified.

The piece de resistance though has to be our meal at the Lexington Grill. We were greeted with the signature cocktail which was created at the table right before our eyes using a smoking gun and wood chips to infuse the smokey flavour with rather scrumptious results. The charcuterie board to start was divine but the real winner was the Kobe beef; cooked to perfection and served with a tasty array of sides. Hands down one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. The only problem was feeling that I needed rolling to bed.

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{pamper time}

The spa at the Waldorf is the perfect way to truly ensure that maximum relaxation occurs. A couples massage is held in the most majestic of rooms and the ladies are experts in the art of massaging.

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