LITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0012

Ultra feminine with an edge is how I would describe a rose gold hue. Pair it with neutral and blush tones for a truly elegant colour palette which will also make your touches of rose gold pop. Often in glittery form, rose gold adds that touch of luxury and romance into your day.

It can be a tricky colour to master but once you do it will serve you well…

LITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0001Michael RadfordLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0007 Roots of Life | Rylee HitcherLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0000BHLDNLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0003Lucy DavenportLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0010 One Love | Roots of LifeLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0006Sawyer BairdLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0004 Michael & Catrina | ExquisitrieLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0011Elisa BrickerLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0009Sawyer BairdLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0002 Rebecca YaleLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0008 Theodora James | Sylvie GilLITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0005Kathleen James | BHLDN
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