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I have known and personally worked along MyList for a while now and not only do I believe that they offer a truly fantastic service but the team behind MyList are passionate, professional and friendly; a winning combination I am sure you will agree. It is wonderful to have these guys as part of our vendor directory and today you can find out a little more about exactly how it all works and be inspired by their top picks….be warned, I want every single one….!

Tell us a little bit about My List is an amazing online platform that simply makes gift giving easy for everyone. Brides and grooms use our services to make sure they receive the wedding gifts that they are truly wishing for. They are able to create their personal wish list online and invite their guests to contribute from anywhere in the world.

By creating their wedding registry with us, brides and grooms-to-be avoid duplicated and unwanted gifts. Their guests love the concept and how the website is easy to use: they don’t have to struggle to find the perfect gift and don’t have to carry anything in their luggage or pay expensive shipping fees.

Launched in 2012 in Dubai, MyList is now the leading online wedding registry in the Middle East, expanding this year to Qatar and other countries in the region. We offer an exciting selection of renowned stores and have partnered with 75 partner stores and service providers – including Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, Tanagra, Marina Home Interiors, Talise Spa, Better Life, Blanc d’Ivoire Dubai, O’de Rose and Tavola to name a few – as well as honeymoon and charity registry options.

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How much does it cost for couples to set up a gift registry?

Creating your wedding gift list with MyList is easy, flexible and best of all, free of charge for our clients. Totally free for the bride & groom, with no registration fees, but also for their guests with no shipping, transaction or hidden charges!

Guests buy their gifts online exactly for the same price than in store, from anywhere in the world and pay securely through our website using a credit card or Paypal. We also have a currency converter allowing the guests to compare prices in 21 currencies.

Who are your favourite designers or brands?

Of course we have of our personal favourites but it is not about about what we like. We pride ourselves in working with an exciting and eclectic selection of over 500 brands so our couples are sure to find what they need and love! From traditional dinnerware, stylish decoration items to electronics to more original leisure experiences such as seaplane tours, photoshoots or cooking classes, we cater to all budgets and styles.

What are your top 5 picks for a newly wed couple? 

  • We love the idea of a beautiful fine china dinner set you will keep and cherish for years – or even generations in the family. This stunning, stylish yet timeless Reve Dinner Set from Bernardaud, available at Tanagra, is perfect for your wedding registry.

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  • You can plan and book your dream honeymoon in the Maldives with our partner travel agency

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  • Don’t hesitate to add unique experiences on your registry such as this amazing Royal Signature Couple at Talise Spa. Something special to remember!

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  • Our partner stores have some fabulous furniture and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your guests to contribute together to the piece you want for your new home. This beautiful Bibliotheque Michael from Blanc d’Ivoire Dubai is the perfect addition to a new love nest.

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How can newly-weds stamp their joint personality on their home? 

When creating your wedding registry, you are deciding what and how your new home will be. This is why we are encouraging our couples to do it together, taking the time and care to select some gifts that really mean something to them:

  • There are no good or bad gift ideas. Try to personalise your registry as much as possible, it should reflect who you are as a couple and what you love. For example, if you like baking cakes, try to select some baking accessories and if your fiancé is a meat lover, select some steak knives.
  • Choose unique and bespoke items that cannot be found everywhere. It’s nice to entertain with dishes or utensils that others may not have seen. At MyList we have many original items that cannot be found in regular stores. These include customized monogrammed towels, bespoke suits and Arabic influenced tableware and decorations.
  • Do not just make your selection of gifts online: it is important that you visit the stores and see how different items fit together. At MyList we offer a free personalised service where a member of our team will come with you in various stores and provide the assistance you may need.
  • If you do not require many items for your new home, consider other registry options such as a honeymoon registry where your guests can help contribute towards the perfect honeymoon.
  • Our service is always personalised and we try to cater to every need. Our team of gift advisors is always available to give our couples some advice on how to set up your perfect new home, depending on your traditions and the latest gift and decoration trends.

A Wedding Registry should be extremely personal and this is why we love to accompany our couples through their gift planning journey, helping them in starting their new life in a home they will love, full of gifts they will cherish forever.

What is in store for MyList in 2016?

Wedding registries will always be personal and special to the couple, and brides & grooms now don’t hesitate to pick some items they will definitely use frequently rather than some traditional wedding gifts they will keep in their closet. So don’t be surprised to see on a gift list a diving equipment rather than a crystal vase!

Couples want their registry to be hassle free and very flexible for themselves and their guests. Some guests may find it easier and quicker to give some cash. We offer them the possibility to make a cash contribution towards the entire registry if they cannot decide on a specific gift. The couple can then convert those cash contributions (as well as all their gifts) into MyList vouchers and have up to 2 years after their wedding to spend them in any of our partner stores.

Couples want some brands they trust but also a mix of concept stores and unique designers. By expanding to Qatar and soon other countries in the region, we are very excited to be able to give our brides access to a unique network of local regional and international partner stores and brands.


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