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Hattie from Thinking Hatt is the brains behind this super easy and rather beautiful lavender crown. Not only do we love her creative flair but we also thought that it was rather perfect for a bride. If a simple DIY headpiece is exactly what you’re after then this post is for you.

We love lavender and all it’s purple perfection. This is a simple crown which works perfectly for the boho bride with the added benefit that you will waft the most serene smells around with you all day long.

I’ll pass you over to Hattie to let you know how it’s done….

What you’ll need

  • approximately 30 picked lavender stems cut to 20cm.
  • 10 smaller, thinner lavender stems cut to 15cm.
  • a pair of scissors.
  • a ball of string.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0022

Approximate time to make, 1.5- 2 hours

  1. Loosely plait a pice of string to fit around your head with about 10cm extra. Tie into a loop.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0012

2. Start weaving in the lavender stems through the plaited string. It helps if you curve the stem first, to help form the circular loop.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0013

3. Keep adding the bigger stems through the string until the garland holds its shape and the string is mostly hidden.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0016

4. Start to tidy the garland and gather it together by using the daintiest stems to fill any gaps and wind around the larger flowers that stick out.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0024LITD {Lavender Crown}_0014

Ta da! This is the final result.

LITD {Lavender Crown}_0018LITD {Lavender Crown}_0020LITD {Lavender Crown}_0023LITD {Lavender Crown}_0017LITD {Lavender Crown}_0021

You can get to know more about Hattie and her creative blog here:

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