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I do love discovering new brands in Dubai and today’s discovery may just help you find that perfect gift for your groom or groomsmen. Havelock Bay is run by Dubaian Florence who draws upon her love for travel to create bold and beautifully unique swimwear designs.

Having being commissioned for bespoke trunks for a wedding, we got together over coffee to discuss all things weddings and running your own business in Dubai…

Tell us a little bit about Havelock Bay…
Havelock Bay creates classic, stylish and comfortable beachwear. Dreamed up between Havelock and London, each pair of swimming trunks combines discreet luxury with a sense of individuality and the exotic.

The Havelock Bay name originates from an island in the Andaman archipelago which is inhabited by swimming elephants – it was the Havelock elephants that inspired the swimming ‘trunks’ collection.

Each print is curated and designed bespoke for Havelock Bay.  The designs were born in England while dreaming of sun-kissed sands and palm tree-lined shores.  Selecting the finest fabric from Italy for its luxurious feel, the trunks have a European cut, chosen for a comfortable fit, and are hand sewn for a flawless finish. We have searched for the highest quality at every stage to create trunks you will love to wear.
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Tell us about your new Bespoke Range…

If you are marking a special holiday or occasion, then a pair of bespoke Havelock Bay trunks make the perfect keepsake.

We have worked on a personalised map print for trunks for ushers at a wedding in Ibiza, pictured below, which were a huge success.  We can work with you to design a print or curate a logo to be embroidered on.  It can be as personalised as you would like.

Bespoke trunks would also work for Private Villas, Boutique Hotels, Yachts, Stag Parties and many other locations & occasions.

Please contact us bespoke@havelockbay.com for more information and quotes.

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What inspired you to start HB?

I started HB because my father couldn’t find swimming trunks out of season.  We were on holiday with another family and both of the dad’s came down one morning in the same pair of trunks, which were about 5 years old.  In 2010 there were just no options outside May-September.

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Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My holidays – I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, and all the ideas for our prints come from things I’ve seen – The fish from when I learnt to scuba dive, tuk tuks from crazy city adventures, the Taj Mahal, Tigers & Elephants from safari.  And the colours – it’s all about the colours.

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Finally, what is your favourite thing about living in Dubai?

I left London 3 years ago in the rain, so the weather here is obviously a huge bonus.  I also love the spirit of Dubai, it’s somewhere things are happening – and people are making them happen – people here aren’t passive, they are actively chasing their future.  It’s a great place to be an entrepreneur as everyone wants to help each other succeed.

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Find out more about Havelock Bay and follow their adventures:
Twitter: @havelockbay
Instagram: @havelockbay
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