LITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0013Karen Mordechai

Whilst logistically a farm wedding might be harder here in the UAE than other countries around the world, the ideas and concept of this kind of day is absolutely achievable. The growing trend for fresh and organic food in our everyday lives is a huge influencer on this kind of theme; think earthy textures, rustic inspired stationery, freshly prepared food and then add as much or as little colour as  you like. Sharing platters and alternative food serving options like food trucks are a great addition to making this kind of theme unique.

The rustic theme has long been a favourite in the wedding industry and whilst it continues to be popular we are seeing a simplifying of it, sharper styling, elegant details and a more organic edge is how I see this trend moving forward. Or, farm chic as I have coined today!

LITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0009Jen Huang | Noa Griffel
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Ruby and the wolfLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0006
Juno Photo | Tac Petaja
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Cluney Photography | Kristyn HoganLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0007
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Cluney Photography | Stephanie WardLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0001
Stephanie WardLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0008
Paige Jones | Ozzy GarciaLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0005
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Photography by Mallory | Kristilee Parish PhotographyLITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0012
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