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This has got to be one of the best shoots I’ve worked on ever. Maria Sundin and I knew that we wanted to create something that was both inspirational and timeless, that would show off the UAE and appeal to the fine art bride and most importantly we wanted to create something that we would be proud to call ‘ours’.

The rugged mountains of Fujairah are truly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UAE and on this particular afternoon back in November, the earthy red backdrop was even more stunning than we could have hoped for.

We were lucky to have two dresses for our bride, the first from Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt and the second from local bridal designer Susanna Rachel. Whilst being completely different, the dresses complimented each other and allowed us to create two looks for our bride. Diana used flawless and natural make up for our first look which worked perfectly with the classic ‘French Roll’ inspired hair from Louise. The second look saw the hair become much looser and the make up slightly more daring. The purple hue for the lips was one of my favourite additions as it worked perfectly with the pashmina and just suited our bride so well.

The deep berry coloured flowers from Flowers by Contempo reflected the red mountains and the beautiful green garland hung beautiful with the intricate weaving of the greenery.

Exquisite stationery from The Fozzy Book combined with ribbons from Silk & Willow added the perfect finishing touches.

Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0016 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0005 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0022 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0019 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0017Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0025Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0018Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0007 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0006Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0031Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0008Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0029 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0026Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0028 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0020 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0012 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0002 Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0024Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0027Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0010Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0023Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0001Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0014Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0011Lace in the Desert {Maria Sundin Photography}_0000

Photography: Maria Sundin | Make-up: Diana Mauer | Hair: Louise Auckland | Wedding Dresses: Ida Sjöstedt and Susanna Rachel | Flowers: Flowers by Contempo | Stationery: The Fozzy Book | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Model: Sunny Senjack | Styling: Lace in the Desert

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I am the founder and editor of Lace in the Desert and have called Dubai my home for 4 years. Elegant design, romantic textures, intricate detailing and heart yearning photography are my loves. You won’t find a single wedding or feature on here that I do not think is truly awesome. I also love champagne and crumpets.

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