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Veils are quite an iconic part of a bride’s ensemble. There are so many different ways to wear a veil and having to take into account the way it suits your hairstyle and frames your face are all really important. I’ve put together lots of images of different veils with a variety of different hair styles. High bun or low chignon, divine! What I love about the up do’s is that they keep all eyes on your beautiful faces!

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I hear all too often from brides in Dubai that it can be a real struggle to know where to go for so many items. So today I’m listing some of my recommended places to go to for bridal accessories, from veils to jewellery and of course my favourite accessory of all time, shoes.


Level Shoe District, they have a dedicated Bridal section as well as the usual gorgeous designer shoes

Esposa, they are the exclusive stockists of Freya Rose amongst other designers

Priceless Dubai Outlet Mall, designer shoes at a snip of the price

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1920’s style, also known as the roaring 20’s or flapper style! I love everything about this era and it inspires me hugely in my pieces.

I love that in this era it was normal to just step outside wearing a headpiece! Pearls, jewels, sequins, and feathers they had it all! There hasn’t been a decade since that has loved as much sparkle and bling in headwear. The headpieces from this era were inspired by Egyptian headwear worn by Pharaohs queens as King Tuts tomb was discovered around this time and the ancient Egyptian trend became fashionable.

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I love bird cage pieces! I’m sure you’ve guessed by now but I love the vintage style and these pieces have definitely got some vintage-ness about them! ☺

There’s also something so sexy about these pieces, they’re stunning and super glam! This trend started in the 1940’s and 1950’s and the birdcage was attached to hats and hair discs and was such a glamorous look. Today it can be worn with almost anything and everything, from the dramatic to the more simple look.

So which birdcage veil is for you…

It all depends on your hairstyle and your style/preference and how much coverage you want.

Blusher veil, angle veil, venetian veil, birdcage veil and bandeau veil. There are some slight differences between them which is maily down to how they’re cut and constructed.

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Wire headpieces… LOVE! I have so much love for wire headpieces they just do everything for me! Being so simple or so elaborate! I often wear some of these wire type pieces myself to events or nights out they can just rock any outfit in my opinion.

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