Introducing ANAQA


It is with absolute delight that I’m welcoming ANAQA to the vendor directory today. Megan, the brains behind ANAQA is as sweet as she is talented ~ the perfect combination when you’re looking for wedding vendors.

Having worked personally with Megan on a number of shoots I can vouch for her attention to detail, her commitment and of course, the beautiful pieces that she creates.

ANAQA offers a fully bespoke service for all things headpiece related so whether you need something for your wedding day, your maids or even just something for a wedding as a guest then this is the place to go.

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Mint and Lace

LITD ~ Loblee Photography_0000

If there is one thing I adore it’s when unique talent comes together and this collaboration of Loblee Photography with Danani Handmade is exactly what I am talking about.

Beautiful photography meets intricately designed veil and voilà; it really can be that simple. There may be fewer elements to this shoot but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring. It’s the detail, the aesthetics and ultimately the simplicity that makes this mini shoot  so heavenly.

The best news is that  Danani ship their veils and other bridal headpieces to the UAE so if you dream of a juliet cap veil then have no fear ~ it is completely obtainable.

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Get veiled

LITD ~ Get Veiled_0001

Now it’s no secret that I LOVE veils. I was never fussed until that fateful day when I first tried one on and I have been love drunk on them since.

Today’s post is not a plea to wear a veil (do) but simply to share my absolutely favourite veil images from some of my favourite photographers.

If you’re anything like me then you will be swooning for each and every image on today’s post.

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Danani handmade adorments

LITD ~ Danani Collection and Loblee Photography_0000

There is nothing that I love more than discovering new talent and bringing it to you all, especially when focusing on one of my favourite bridal items ~ the headpiece. Today it’s all about Danani, an online store selling handmade adornments for brides based in Utah but selling internationally (and the UAE is on her shipping list, I checked!)

These pieces are simply beautiful and strike the perfect balance between elegance and red carpet glamour. If you’re after something completely unique Danani also offers a bespoke option so you can create the perfect piece to compliment your dress. 

In her own words, “Danani, bohemian at heart but in love with all things glamorous. You could not pin my inspiration at one point on a timeline, everything vintage speaks to me and each piece in the collection was inspired by the most fashionable women of a bygone eras. Whether the vintage voice is literal or subdued every Danani piece down to the last detail radiates timeless one of a kind style, meant to be a representation of you on your wedding day.”

Captured by the lovely Loblee Photography, I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do.

Feather crowns

LITD ~ Jose Villa_0020

My new favourite thing is a crown of feathers on brides. I honestly can’t get enough.

Now this might seem a tad too much for some brides and I can completely understand why. I don’t think that I would have had the guts to whip out a feather crown. But I wish I could say I would have done.

The thing about your wedding day is that sometimes you can get far too caught up in how you think you should look rather than how you actually want to look. So if a feather headdress floats your boat too then I say go for it with gusto. Or at the very least whip one out for some portraits. Strike the boho vibe and look sensational whilst doing it.

Now lets see if any of these feathered headpieces get your lust glands going like mine…..

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