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Recently I’ve found myself dreaming of gilded frames, ornate details and beaded textures. I’m blaming this on my love for the latest adaptation of War & Peace which has been shown over in the UK (if you haven’t seen it yet and period dramas are your thing then this is a must-see)

With this love affair of mine at the forefront of my mind I have put together a moodboard centred around old world elegance using a cream and gold colour palette with a touch of dusty blue and grey tones. Needless to say I am in love with this moodboard and I think that this serves as perfect wedding inspiration for anyone looking to create an elegant wedding with a feel for days gone by….

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Farm to Table {Dubai Wedding Ideas from Lace in the Desert}_0001Nancy Neil

I don’t believe in paying too much attention to ‘trends’ but rather, pay attention to the aesthetics that you naturally gravitate towards when deciding on the overall look of your wedding. Having said that, these trends do make for interesting inspiration.

One trend that is growing throughout the UAE {non wedding related} is the idea of farmers markets, local produce, organically grown crops, artisan suppliers and handmade craftsmanship. I adore this growing trend and judging by the crowds at the Ripe Market last weekend, so do you guys.

I believe that it’s only a matter of time before ‘farm to table’ weddings gain traction in Dubai’s wedding market. With a focus on local produce, sharing platters, outdoor setting and organic styling, personally I cannot wait for more weddings like this.

To get a feel of a farm to table wedding, I’ve chosen some of my favourite images from the US and UK to inspire you in your journey for your wedding style.

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LITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0013Karen Mordechai

Whilst logistically a farm wedding might be harder here in the UAE than other countries around the world, the ideas and concept of this kind of day is absolutely achievable. The growing trend for fresh and organic food in our everyday lives is a huge influencer on this kind of theme; think earthy textures, rustic inspired stationery, freshly prepared food and then add as much or as little colour as  you like. Sharing platters and alternative food serving options like food trucks are a great addition to making this kind of theme unique.

The rustic theme has long been a favourite in the wedding industry and whilst it continues to be popular we are seeing a simplifying of it, sharper styling, elegant details and a more organic edge is how I see this trend moving forward. Or, farm chic as I have coined today!

LITD {Farm Chic Wedding Inspiration}_0009Jen Huang | Noa Griffel
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LITD {Bohemian Beats}_0013Heart & Colour | Laura Power

If you find yourself influenced by the shapes and visions of nature rather than the glossy world of fashion then you may well be talking your wedding down a bohemian path. Bohemian weddings are all about embracing the free spirit ethos and going with the ‘un-arranged flow’ of the natural world. Whether you take just small aspects of this ideal or embrace it more fully, there is so much beauty in the every day world around us that can serve as the most wonderful inspiration.

Today, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite images which have drawn upon these inspirations for shoots and weddings to inspire you in your own journey.

LITD {Bohemian Beats}_0009Anna Roussos
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Lace in the Desert {earthy and organic wedding ideas}_0001

A Fistfull of Bolts

I am a huge fan of earthy, organic and green weddings. It’s all about taking rustic décor taken to the next level.

Stripping back any glitz and glamour and embracing the raw and natural elements. Think lots of wood, greenery (especially in the form of plants, moss, herbs) and mix in textures of silks, recycled paper and vintage crockery to achieve this look. One of my favourite things about this theme is that there is no structure to it, it is completely at your discretion to make it as beautifully chaotic as you please. Bliss.

Lace in the Desert {earthy and organic wedding ideas}_0002

Becca Lea Photography and Kat Marcum Photography | Pearl & Godiva

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