LITD ~ Strong Lips_0000

I do love a bride with a bright lip. I love the boldness and that kissability x-factor which is brings to a look.

Whether it’s the classic red lip or a more funky shade of coral, the key is to stay true to your usual makeup look and choose a shade that not only suits your bridal look but that also enhances your natural beauty.

Recently I am really loving the deeper shades of crimson and plum for the lipstick wow factor.

Remember to make sure you trial your lipstick shade before the big day (especially if you’re having a makeup artist) and organise for one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of looking after it so that you can easily reapply throughout the day.

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LITD ~ Eye makeup_0010

When it comes to your wedding day, I know that you always want to be the best version of yourself possible. Often a slightly more daunting prospect than it first sounds. Should you be the ‘seductress’ or ‘natural beauty’ or ‘bright and bold’ version of you?

Today we’re looking at two types of eyes – the natural vs the winged. Now I happen to love both of these looks and I think both work incredibly well for brides.


Lashings of mascara and a little glow around the corners of the eyes give you a very natural look. This is perfect for brides who want to remain completely timeless and classical in their looks.

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