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I have known and personally worked along MyList for a while now and not only do I believe that they offer a truly fantastic service but the team behind MyList are passionate, professional and friendly; a winning combination I am sure you will agree. It is wonderful to have these guys as part of our vendor directory and today you can find out a little more about exactly how it all works and be inspired by their top picks….be warned, I want every single one….!

Tell us a little bit about My List is an amazing online platform that simply makes gift giving easy for everyone. Brides and grooms use our services to make sure they receive the wedding gifts that they are truly wishing for. They are able to create their personal wish list online and invite their guests to contribute from anywhere in the world.

By creating their wedding registry with us, brides and grooms-to-be avoid duplicated and unwanted gifts. Their guests love the concept and how the website is easy to use: they don’t have to struggle to find the perfect gift and don’t have to carry anything in their luggage or pay expensive shipping fees.

Launched in 2012 in Dubai, MyList is now the leading online wedding registry in the Middle East, expanding this year to Qatar and other countries in the region. We offer an exciting selection of renowned stores and have partnered with 75 partner stores and service providers – including Galeries Lafayette The Dubai Mall, Tanagra, Marina Home Interiors, Talise Spa, Better Life, Blanc d’Ivoire Dubai, O’de Rose and Tavola to name a few – as well as honeymoon and charity registry options.

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Recently I’ve found myself dreaming of gilded frames, ornate details and beaded textures. I’m blaming this on my love for the latest adaptation of War & Peace which has been shown over in the UK (if you haven’t seen it yet and period dramas are your thing then this is a must-see)

With this love affair of mine at the forefront of my mind I have put together a moodboard centred around old world elegance using a cream and gold colour palette with a touch of dusty blue and grey tones. Needless to say I am in love with this moodboard and I think that this serves as perfect wedding inspiration for anyone looking to create an elegant wedding with a feel for days gone by….

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It is with sheer delight that I am welcoming Enchanté Studios into the vendor directory. If you haven’t yet clicked play on the video above then I urge you to do so because it displays Shyrell’s style, vision and talent far better than I could ever describe.

Enchanté Studios is a unique studio in Business Bay offering beautiful and intimate photography for women. On meeting Shyrell I was incredibly impressed by her beautiful surroundings and gorgeous photography style but what I left with and remember the most is the overwhelming beauty of how she sees people. In a city where image is everything and plastic surgery is rife it certainly made for a wonderful change. As Shyrell herself says, nobody really looks and counts how many lines you have on your face, nobody measures how big your arms or thighs are. When people look at you, they notice how your eyes shines when you are happy. People see your lips purse when you are laughing. People remember how graciously you talk and how you make them feel.’

I love it. I love this ethos. And I love the celebration of women as we are, all eyes lit up and lines of happiness.

Your perception of boudoir may just be challenged with this lady…

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Shyrell and I and the Founder and Creative Director at Enchanté Studios. I have been in Dubai for more than 10 years and is lucky to have found my passion for photography here 🙂 I started photographing professionally in January 2014 when I announce to family and friends I’d like to be a photographer after leaving job as Administration Manager from a publishing background. Like many other photographers I started photographing kids and families as well as private events. I then slowly transition to photographing women which is now the core focus of our studio.

{bridal intimates}

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20 Inspiring Pinterest Accounts to Follow for your wedding day

Following the success of our 20 Inspiring Instagram Recommendations I figured that you may well appreciate the Pinterest version. Pinterest is a huge resource and given that the wedding world is such a visual one, it’s no surprise that it continues to be such a successful platform for brides.

The ability to create and send mood boards to your planner, florist and friends is a wonderful way of sharing and explaining your ideas. There is also the option to create a secret board and invite who you like onto it. Personally, I find this to be a great tool when planning my styling work and I know that I would absolutely use it now if I was a bride.

When you’re newly engaged even these simple things like who to follow can seem daunting. Here are 20 of the people that I personally follow and find inspirational…..

{Bajan Wed}

A wedding blog from the tropics, I find myself lusting after almost everything that gets pinned to these boards.

LITD {20 inspirational pinterest accounts}_0000

{Beyond Beyond}

Super chic, modern and so creative I love it. Amma comes from a design background and I just adore the wonderful array of interesting pins. LITD {20 inspirational pinterest accounts}_0001Continue Reading …


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Now I don’t know about you guys but I am really rather taken with instagram. It’s become my go-to social media, full of inspiring people posting beautiful images every single day. I’m hooked.

It made me realise that if I was a bride I would definitely be using instagram almost as much as pinterest to gather inspiration for my wedding. So today, I’ve rounded up 20 of my favourite instagrammers that I follow.

From Dubai to Australia to the US and the UK, it truly is amazing to see inspiration from every corner of the globe.

{bo and luca}

If boho is your thing then Bo & Luca will deliver an abundance of beauty for you.

LITD {20 Instagrammers to Follow}_0000

{the bridal theory}

The bridal theory has a huge instagram following for a reason, they post the most beautiful array of images from across the globe and they are always stunning.

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