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Last month I had the pleasure of helping organise a Dubai hen do for one of my best friends. As a long time resident, we were really keen to try and find something slightly unexpected for our hen. Thanks to the power of instagram I came across Be Bar in Jumeirah; a blow dry bar that we could exclusively hire out for the afternoon and all get treated to some pampering. The fact that we could exclusive hire Be Bar was truly the cherry on top as it meant that we could play our own music, bring in some snacks and just enjoy finishing getting ready for our evening together without having to quarrel over mirror space.

The ladies at Be Bar treated us all to a wonderful shampoo with head massage and after consulting each of us on our desired look, they worked their blow-dry magic.

They also offer all sorts of extras like manicures/pedicures and can style your hair into an awesome braid or elegant updo.

I would thoroughly recommend Be Bar as part of a Dubai hen do or indeed just for a blow dry experience.

The lovely ladies at Be Bar are offering AED50 off first time clients who mention Lace in the Desert when booking. Valid until August 31st 2016.

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I know that many of us Dubai expats enjoy the luxury of a boating trip during the winter months and what better excuse do you have to organise a trip than a hen party?

If you want to throw a hen do with a little bit of a difference then this is the way to do it ~ this boat is an absolute beauty.

Azure Charter has a boat like no other in Dubai. She will make you feel like you’re sailing in the Mediterranean with her opulent sails and acres of sunbathing {or dancing} space. In my mind there is something incredibly special about enjoying something as timeless and classic as a wooden yacht on the open sea whilst looking back towards the glitzy Dubai skyline with a champagne flute in hand.

I had the great privilege of enjoying an afternoon on this boat back in October and I really couldn’t recommend it more highly ~ a well organised team who are very accommodating of all your yachting needs, very friendly and have a brilliant way of making sure that you to have safe fun out at sea.

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Knowing what to do for a Hen Do in Dubai can be tricky so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite things to inspire you folks for a Dubai hen.

Cheap As Possible 

1. Home Cooking

Just because you stay at home doesn’t mean it has to be boring ~ get everyone to bring something and make a huge rustic charcuterie board, set up a bubbles or cocktail station, ask everyone to bake a cake and have a beautiful cake table (you could also have a prize for the best cake)

2. Games

Organising a series of fun games is one of the best ways to keep everyone entertained without spending any money. If you missed our ‘Top 10 Hen Do Games‘ post then check it out for ideas and free printables.

3. Sleepover

 Recreate the fun from your teenage years ~ girly films, sweet treats and of course you would have to play truth or dare…

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Having just been on a hen do I thought it might be helpful to put together some hen-do ideas ~ hence a whole new category under the inspiration tab!

To kick start, we’re giving you some of the best hen do games. Where appropriate there are free printables to download just make life a little easier for you lovely folks.

In no particular order, these are some of my favourite hen do games. If you know of any corkers then please do share below…..

1. Mr and Mrs

This is a great game and one that I would definitely recommend. A few days before the hen-do, film the groom answering a series of questions on their relationship. The hen then has to guess what the groom’s answers are. If she gets it right then great, but if she gets it wrong then she has a forfeit.

The best way to play this is definitely to film the question/answers session with the groom as it poses for some great reactions from everyone. Download a list of questions ~  MR and MRS game

2. Lingerie Guessing Game

Everyone brings along a sexy (or not so much) piece of lingerie for the hen. She then, using her knowledge of each guest and their friendship, has to figure out who brought her what. Plus she gets lots of sexy presents! Once she pairs each person to an item, she can read her list and see how many she guessed correctly. Obviously there can be a forfeit for each time she gets it wrong.

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