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I do love discovering new brands in Dubai and today’s discovery may just help you find that perfect gift for your groom or groomsmen. Havelock Bay is run by Dubaian Florence who draws upon her love for travel to create bold and beautifully unique swimwear designs.

Having being commissioned for bespoke trunks for a wedding, we got together over coffee to discuss all things weddings and running your own business in Dubai…

Tell us a little bit about Havelock Bay…
Havelock Bay creates classic, stylish and comfortable beachwear. Dreamed up between Havelock and London, each pair of swimming trunks combines discreet luxury with a sense of individuality and the exotic.

The Havelock Bay name originates from an island in the Andaman archipelago which is inhabited by swimming elephants – it was the Havelock elephants that inspired the swimming ‘trunks’ collection.

Each print is curated and designed bespoke for Havelock Bay.  The designs were born in England while dreaming of sun-kissed sands and palm tree-lined shores.  Selecting the finest fabric from Italy for its luxurious feel, the trunks have a European cut, chosen for a comfortable fit, and are hand sewn for a flawless finish. We have searched for the highest quality at every stage to create trunks you will love to wear.
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It is with absolute delight that I can introduce the brand spanking new House of Moirai.

B has established herself as one of the ‘go to’ vendors for Dubai brides. Both her talent and her personality are the reason that she  gets recommended time and time again.

3 years since establishing House of Moirai, B has launched a new website and branding which truly reflects her style; on point, ethereal and beautiful design.

This new website also calls for a new lookbook. Obviously.

Together with B, photographer Maria Sundin and myself in my stylist role we worked on this lookbook a little while ago and I am thrilled to be able to finally share it with you.

Raw industrial elements juxtaposed against soft flowing fabrics with vintage details and beautifully crafted dresses. This lookbook is a labour of love. Bridal design runs through B’s veins and together with our beautiful models we were able to showcase her latest designs.

So take a few minutes and flick through the beauty of the new House of Moirai…..

“Launched in 2012, House of Moirai is a bridal wear label specialising in beautifully designed and expertly crafted wedding attire. With an ethereal handwriting, each piece is created with the individual in mind.”

Photography: Maria Sundin | Dresses: House of Moirai | Jewellery: Jane Hewitt | Makeup: Jill Robson | Hair: Louise Auckland | Styling: Lace in the Desert | Venue: The Fridge


So this is probably the first time you’ve had to persuade your boy to wear a flower? In some ways I was lucky that my groom didn’t need one (flowers and the army do not mix – you get swords instead). However, in my research for this visual spread, I am pretty gutted that I never got to experiment with the boutonnieres like some of these grooms.

Styling your groom can be as exciting as styling yourself. Here are a selection of the best in boutonniere-chic. I do love the idea of wooden medals for something a little different (and they’re more manly right?!)

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