Lace in the Desert {Your wedding day photobooth in Dubai with Coolbooth}_0000

Photobooths have long been a popular choice at weddings and with good reason, they bring everyone together for fun snaps that will be treasured for a lifetime. They represent the other side of your wedding day – the side where your relatives and dearest friends took some time to pose, giggle and celebrate your day. Cool Booth is a Dubai based company offering booths for your wedding and we took some time to get to know a little more about them and what they offer….

Tell us a little bit about Cool Booth

A modern photo booth consists of a digital camera, a computer with a control display and a color photo printer. Due to modern technologies, it is possible to choose a photo demy, components and effects of a snapshot. Photo booths are popular enough at many different events.

Cool Booth is a very different photo booth experience. Fun is contagious and we believe that hiding it away in a box is crazy, so our cool booth fun is exposed for everybody to see. All photos made in photo booths leave a lasting positive impression!

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LITD {Elegant Table Plans}_0012Patrick Moyer | Touch Photography

Table plans are one of those details that make my heart soar. They don’t require a lot of money spent on them, in fact I think some of the best ones are simple and easy to create at home.

Not having a fancy one will not in any way detract from your wedding day, but if you want the excuse to get creative and put your signature style into your day then they offer the perfect way to do just that. Keeping it simple often means keeping it chic, although calligraphy window panels get me every time…

Here are twenty of my favourite elegant table plan ideas for your wedding day.

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Lace in the Desert {20 Elegant Centrepieces}_0000

Olivia Leigh | Papered Heart

Centrepieces are part of the wedding day details that still get my heart beating that little faster. I just love them. Even if I was asked to style an intimate wedding for 10, the table centrepiece would still get my full attention. It’s one of the chances in a wedding to create a thing of beauty that is part of a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime.

So today I’ve rounded up 20 of my favourite inspiring and elegant centrepieces….

Lace in the Desert {20 Elegant Centrepieces}_0001

Sarah Bradshaw | Hazlewood Photography

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LITD ~ Elegant Favours_0005

Olive Tree by Alli Pura Photo | Succulent by Delbarr Moradi

Wedding favours can often seem like a final daunting task when you’re in the midst of planning a wedding. I assure you that they needn’t be and in fact, if you choose to shun this tradition altogether then so be it…it’s your day after all.

Combining your favour to use as the toast or the dessert or simply as the name card are all great ideas that won’t set you back extra money.

If you’re somebody that likes to get crafty then many of these ideas are the perfect DIY task.

Here are 20 of my favourite ideas for simple, easy and elegant wedding favours.

LITD ~ Elegant Favours_0009

Jam Jars by Laura Gordon | Honey Jar by Anouschka Rokebrand

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LITD ~ 20 Elegant Tablescapes_0006

I love table settings.

If you’re stuck for inspiration for your tables then this my friends may be the post for you. Of course it’s always amazing to inject some personality into your wedding and so I would always advocate adding a personal touch, from photographs to homemade favours, but sometimes even starting with the basics can be hard.

So, today I’ve rounded up twenty of the most beautifully timeless and elegant tablescapes.

If the personal touch is a must, then take these ideas and add that twist of personality to make them truly yours.

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