Lace in the Desert {Deep Purple and Plum Wedding Ideas}_0001Ryan Johnson Photography

There is so much to love about a deep purpley plum colour. It’s rich, vibrant but not in a ‘in your face’ type way and it goes with so many beautiful colours like grey (my all time favourite), gold, deep red and ivory.

Versatile and elegant means that it is used by stylists for weddings and events already and if you are on the verge of choosing a deeper hue for your wedding or special event then let’s see if you can be persuaded to go with plum….

Lace in the Desert {Deep Purple and Plum Wedding Ideas}_0008Rylee Hitchner

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LITD {Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration}_0012

Ultra feminine with an edge is how I would describe a rose gold hue. Pair it with neutral and blush tones for a truly elegant colour palette which will also make your touches of rose gold pop. Often in glittery form, rose gold adds that touch of luxury and romance into your day.

It can be a tricky colour to master but once you do it will serve you well…

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LITD {Pink Hues}_0000Alixann Loosle Photography

Ultra feminine and undeniably simple and chic, pink hues could be the answer to your colour scheme woes for your wedding day. Personally I love the variety of pinks but you could of course just pick your favourite and stick to that. From blush to fuchsia, there is a pink world to be explored…..

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LITD {White and Silver Wedding Inspiration}_0008

If you’re looking to create a simple and elegant wedding then a white and silver colour scheme could be the perfect combo for you. Personally, I have always loved a soft colour against a big metallic one and this colour scheme definitely gives you that beautiful contrast.

Beaded wedding dresses, sparkling silver shoes and a million different ways to style your table centrepieces make this a colour palette with versatility. Whether it’s the antique silver hues or the sparkle silver sequins that make you giddy, add in a touch of the faintest blush and you add an extra subtle depth to this colour scheme. Needless to say, I am a fan and I hope that you are too…

LITD {White and Silver Wedding Inspiration}_0000Ashley Seawell | Pinterest
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LITD {Dark Grey Wedding Inspiration}_0000

You may have noticed that grey is a rather dominant colour for me. I love it. In a true-love-can’t-get-enough-of-it kind of way. Between that and my love for pineapples, it’s a wonder my pinterest account has any variety to it.

Whilst I can understand that pineapples may not go with everyone’s idea of a perfect wedding, I do believe that grey can. Soft, light or dark, it’s a colour with so much versatility. Today however, I’m concentrating on dark grey in all its glory.

Dark grey can be moody and sensual and paired with rich colours like reds, golds and deep purples or you can use it as more of a contrasting colour against light greys, whites and silvers. It’s elegant and understated but adds an extra level of interest to a colour palette. For me, it’s a wonderful rich colour that even in small quantities can transform the details, flowers or even stationery on your wedding day.

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