It is with sheer delight that I am welcoming Enchanté Studios into the vendor directory. If you haven’t yet clicked play on the video above then I urge you to do so because it displays Shyrell’s style, vision and talent far better than I could ever describe.

Enchanté Studios is a unique studio in Business Bay offering beautiful and intimate photography for women. On meeting Shyrell I was incredibly impressed by her beautiful surroundings and gorgeous photography style but what I left with and remember the most is the overwhelming beauty of how she sees people. In a city where image is everything and plastic surgery is rife it certainly made for a wonderful change. As Shyrell herself says, nobody really looks and counts how many lines you have on your face, nobody measures how big your arms or thighs are. When people look at you, they notice how your eyes shines when you are happy. People see your lips purse when you are laughing. People remember how graciously you talk and how you make them feel.’

I love it. I love this ethos. And I love the celebration of women as we are, all eyes lit up and lines of happiness.

Your perception of boudoir may just be challenged with this lady…

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Shyrell and I and the Founder and Creative Director at Enchanté Studios. I have been in Dubai for more than 10 years and is lucky to have found my passion for photography here 🙂 I started photographing professionally in January 2014 when I announce to family and friends I’d like to be a photographer after leaving job as Administration Manager from a publishing background. Like many other photographers I started photographing kids and families as well as private events. I then slowly transition to photographing women which is now the core focus of our studio.

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LITD ~ Abbi Kemp_0001

Today marks a huge and exciting first. The first time that I have ever featured boudoir photography.

For me boudoir is not about the obvious ‘sexy’ ~ the push up bra, a full face of make up, the pout and the playboy pose. No, it is about the beauty of the woman as she is; it’s a comfortable in your own skin kind of sexy, a radiating sexy, a confident sexy but most of all it’s a completely natural sexy. That is the kind of boudoir I love and that is exactly what Abbi Kemp has captured.

Sophie is an ethereal goddess and that laugh is sheer magic ~ I’m sure you will agree that she looks completely stunning and all the right kinds of sexy.

Now for obvious reasons we couldn’t share the whole shoot with you but if you’re interested in having a boudoir shoot and would like to see the full album then simply drop Abbi a line ~

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