It’s been a year since photographer Maria Sundin joined the LITD vendor directory and we thought that it was high time we had a proper catch up with her. Luckily for couples in need of a wedding photographer, she is currently offering a 10% discount on all her wedding packages booked by the end of 2015 ~ we do love it when our favourite photographers make awesome discounts….

What does a typical ‘day in the life of Maria Sundin’ look like? 

I don’t have a typical day! I do a fair bit of editing, album design and coordinating services; SEO & blog updates and day-to-day accounting in the mornings and I usually have a shoot or a client meeting in the afternoons. If it’s a wedding day, it’s go, go, go from the morning and I don’t usually sit down at all until the end of the day when I drive home☺

Describe your photography style in less than 6 adjectives 

Organic, Natural & Romantic – with a little bit of an artistic touch!

What is your favourite image you’ve taken recently?

I have so many favourite images!


I recently shot a wedding in Sweden and there were some lovely moments during the day! The couple wanted to ensure that their dogs Missy and Molly were part of their wedding day, so I enjoyed getting some captures with the two dogs and the wedding couple!

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_3 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_4

Capturing a little bean taking her first steps on camera was an amazing moment not long ago, and very emotional for the mother who somehow managed to time it so incredibly right that I was booked in the same hour as her little one took her first steps.

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_5 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_6

Or just shooting a wedding at the Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court, you always find the odd peacock roaming around, which feels quite exotic. I love the feeling of being out there actually, you always feel like you’re so close to nature, and you are!

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_7 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_8

Another one of my favourites, is a shot of when you and I headed up to the Fujairah mountains and found a spot for an editorial bridal shoot. The sun was so strong and it was incredibly hot, we were balancing on the edge of a mountain but our model just got it. We all worked so hard that day and it paid off. It was stunning!

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_9 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_10

Who’s work inspires you? 

So many! I love the pastel colors and the romantic feel of photographers like Jose Villa, Tec Petaja and Kurt Boomer. But I also love the fun feel of Smallpigart. I adore the moodiness and the darker colors of Meghan K Sadler and the composition of Jonas Peterson.

What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

I specifically enjoyed a beautiful wedding at One and Only the Palm. The couple had a vision of what they wanted for their wedding but they let us creative people (stylist, planner, photographer, florist) take the lead on the creative part of the day and it was just magic. It was a beautiful wedding, with styled elements, a personal touch, lots of laughter and tears, beautiful moments and I really enjoyed the creative process, even if we only had 20 min for couple shots!

Maria Sundin Photography_Wedding Photographer Stockholm_Maria and Craig Smadalaro Gard_Destination Film Photographer_0096

Where would you love to shoot next?

I would love to shoot a wedding at Bab al Shams or at Qasr al Sarab. I adore these venues and the feel of the venues goes so well with my style, I would love to explore that. I did shoot an engagement session at Bab al Shams recently and I fell in love with the place. I don’t see too many desert weddings and I would love to shoot one soon!

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_12 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_13

I would also love to do more editorial work such as look books. I have an amazing new product that’s coming in for 2016, which is a signature book perfect for individual labels that are looking for a collection look book of their range.

How do you make the bride and groom, bridal party etc… feel relaxed in front of your camera?

Of course there is always the shy bride or the shy groom. Grooms are notoriously known for not wanting to be in photos☺ At the end of the day, no one wants a crap photo, that goes both for the bridal couple and myself. We all want the same thing. I just try to de-dramatize the whole experience and give the couples actions to do rather than a pose. I’ve done it so many times that I’m very used to it by now.

Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_14 Lace_in_the_desert_Maria-Sundin-Photography_Family_Photographer_Dubai_Fine_Art_Photographer_15

What do you think of the Dubai wedding industry at the moment? Any tips for photographers in the UAE that want to head into the wedding industry?

The wedding industry is a great place to be so in terms of what you choose to do with your life, just go for it. Don’t look too much at other photographers; just go with what you believe in and showcase what you think is beautiful. People will hire you for your style and clients will trust your vision. Be true to who you are.

The wedding industry in Dubai and the UAE is much smaller than you think so from an entrepreneurial and financial perspective, be smart; know what you get yourself into before you jump ship.

Where do you see it in 5 years from now?

I’m hoping that Australian and American wedding trends will become much stronger here and that artistically film shooters will have a stronger foothold. I would love to see more boho brides in the UAE, more edgy and less traditional. I am hoping that we will see brides daring to be different.

Maria Sundin Photography_Wedding Photographer Stockholm_Maria and Craig Smadalaro Gard_Destination Film Photographer_0097

Any advice for couples looking for their wedding photographer?

Pick someone that has a style that you like and that you feel is consistent. If you connect with your photographer, it will make for a much better experience on your day, so pick someone that you could have a good time with and who can deliver what you want!


How do you achieve “your look”?

Most brides and grooms that hire me have their wedding during the daytime, in an outdoor location, with greenery, gardens or beaches close-by. My couples all opt for a portrait session at sunset, which is the ideal working environment for me.  It all comes down to managing expectations and preparing your clients for the optimal photography times. Ultimately the best photos for the client are also the best for me.


What does 2016 have in store for you?

I have some fun projects lined up that I’m excited about such as the new product collection for editorial clients and I’m introducing some exciting partnerships for 2016. And of course, all the beautiful weddings to look forward to as well!


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