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Combs are probably the most popular bridal hairpiece, for its simplicity and its functionality!

It can clip the hair in place while being stylish and fashionable. Combs come in several different sizes and styles.

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Alligator clips come with single or double prongs and they can be very sturdy.

Snap hair clips, this clip is round at one end and pointy at the other end. This clip is ideal for people with fine hair as it’s very good at holding hair in place.

French hair clips, perfect for thick hair as it holds a lot of hair in place.

Condor hair clip, similar to the alligator clip but with small teeth and pointy ends. Perfect for up dos.

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Tonnes of gorgeous types of combs, between all of the gorgeous beads, diamonds and detailed materials it really is headpiece heaven!

Lace in the Desert {Bridal Hair Combs with ANAQA}_0001

Here are some of our ANAQA combs to finish!

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