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I absolutely love finding and featuring new UAE photographers and today I am thrilled to be sharing the first UAE engagement shoot of Natelee Cocks. Originally from South Africa, Natelee found herself starting her Arabian adventure a few months ago and from meeting her and viewing her work, I’m in love! Simple honest emotion beautifully captured in soft natural light is what Natelee is all about and her style is right up my street and I think it will be yours too.

So, onto the engagement shoot…..

Just when I think I’ve had my fill of desert engagement shoots, one comes along like this and I am back in love with them. Franceska’s stunning dress in the desert is heaven and together these guys not only make a stunning couple but ooze love for one another.

From Natelee, ‘Franceska & Martin’s Dubai Desert Engagement was the perfect start to my Dubai chapter. I was over the moon when Franceska & Martin, booked me for the wedding in Germany! My suggestion to them was doing an engagement shoot just to get them comfortable in front of the camera and with my style of photographing. In saying that, Franceska was no newbie to this, as she used to be in the modelling industry…

Franceska came  up  with  the great idea  for a Dubai Desert Engagement shoot, even including some local camels. Franceska originally from  Texas  and  Martin  from  a  small town in Germany had  an  intimate civil wedding in the  States  four  years  ago. The plan was to  have their dream  white wedding  the  year to follow,  but  with  life, things happen and plans change. Finally everything  was falling  into  place  and they got to set the date on their 4th year anniversary  in  Ehingen City Germany, Martin’s hometown. I absolutely loved shooting in the Dubai Desert, the sand, the light, and the open space…Can’t wait for the next one!’

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Photography: Natelee Cocks

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