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A beautiful beach wedding is always a dreamy way to spend a Tuesday and today’s wedding from Visuals by Abbi is the perfect indulgence. Held at the Rixos Hotel on the Palm, Fadi and Fabiola not only make the most beautiful couple but they clearly had a day packed full of love and oodles of happiness. My favourite kind of wedding.

I’ll pass you over to Abbi to tell you more, ‘The best part of photographing a wedding for me is being able to tell a story. Having a set of images with a beautiful narrative. Those secret shots of the nerves before the ceremony, Dad practicing his speech & the groomsmen working out how to pin a boutonniere. Genuine moments of connection and happiness. Plus of course those precious details that highlight the day. I always tell my clients that I don’t spend long taking the formal photographs as I think my time is far better spent capturing the Bride & groom and their guests as they naturally are.

I adored this wedding. A true union between two people from different sides of the world that met and feel deeply in love. These images are not just beautiful but real and to me epitomise how all the guests and Fadi & Fabiola felt on the day!

Wishing you both every happiness.’

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Photography: Visuals by Abbi | Venue: Rixos, Palm Jumeirah

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