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I adore flowers and nothing quite finishes off your bridal look than a gorgeous bouquet of fresh florals. Today I’ve put together 20 of my favourite flower bouquets for your wedding day. There’s no rule when it comes to creating an elegant arrangement, it depends on whether writhing unstructured (ahhh) or a more compact bouquet is more to your taste and of course your colours.

One thing I am in complete adoration of is long silk ribbons; mixing colours, fabrics and widths of ribbon to create added drama or keeping it simple with one ribbon, either way the results have me gooey eyed every single time. They’re not cheap as they are hand dyed but in my mind they are worth the splash. Silk & Willow in the US has made a name for itself as has Frou Frou Chic which is based in France. A recent discovery of mine is Lancaster & Cornish which is a UK based company. I have ordered from and loved the ribbons from all three.

Onwards, to floral heaven…..

LITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0002Christie Graham LITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0001Brandi SmythLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0011 Dana Fernandez | Carrie KingLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0007 Jay C WinterLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0003Visuals by AbbiLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0013 Jenna McElroy | Lauren FairLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0006Jose VillaLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0010Jose Villa | Sawyer BairdLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0000Maria Sundin LITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0005A Thing Like ThatLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0014Emily March | Ginny Au WorkshopLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0004Jose VillaLITD {20 Elegant Wedding Bouquets}_0012Lauren Balingit | Charla Storey
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