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Your plane starts it’s descent, you haven’t yet stepped foot on terra firma and yet the turquoise waters and lush green mountains of the Seychelles grab a hold of your heart and pull you into their grasp. I challenge you from that point on, to resist falling completely and utterly in love with this country.

On sharing my news some have asked, why the Seychelles? How to begin? Firstly there is an intensity to the light in these Indian Ocean islands that makes even your everyday photographer swoon. There is a uniqueness to the colours in nature which will turn your head. You will look, then look again and wonder can the water really be THAT blue? And there is a warmth exuded from those who greet you at every turn, in every sense of the word, it truly is paradise.

For all of these reasons and more, my family and I have chosen the Seychelles to be our new home. We are excited for our adventures ahead – for us as a family to be surrounded by green once again, for my boys and their yearning for boat life, and for me and my camera… well I can only hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.

Just think, the main island of Mahe is only a four hour flight from Dubai with no time difference so it’s a must-visit for those yearning for an injection of island magic. And if you’re planning a barefoot wedding or hideaway honeymoon on one of the 115 islands and would love some gorgeous photographs to remember them by please do get in touch, I’ll be sure to un-tie the boat rope and meet you there.



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A beautiful beach wedding is always a dreamy way to spend a Tuesday and today’s wedding from Visuals by Abbi is the perfect indulgence. Held at the Rixos Hotel on the Palm, Fadi and Fabiola not only make the most beautiful couple but they clearly had a day packed full of love and oodles of happiness. My favourite kind of wedding.

I’ll pass you over to Abbi to tell you more, ‘The best part of photographing a wedding for me is being able to tell a story. Having a set of images with a beautiful narrative. Those secret shots of the nerves before the ceremony, Dad practicing his speech & the groomsmen working out how to pin a boutonniere. Genuine moments of connection and happiness. Plus of course those precious details that highlight the day. I always tell my clients that I don’t spend long taking the formal photographs as I think my time is far better spent capturing the Bride & groom and their guests as they naturally are.

I adored this wedding. A true union between two people from different sides of the world that met and feel deeply in love. These images are not just beautiful but real and to me epitomise how all the guests and Fadi & Fabiola felt on the day!

Wishing you both every happiness.’

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Children are usually an essential part of your wedding day, whether it’s flower girl or pageboy duties or just family and friends offspring who are there to share your happy day.

We all know that there is a limited amount of time that these precious ones can be kept occupied without requiring some sort of entertainment. We take a look at some very simple but effective ideas to stimulate the children whilst the adults are left to enjoy their day too!

1. Consider their seating and eating arrangements

It’s always a good idea to sit all children together on one table and organise their food either during the starters or even during the drinks reception (if possible). Kids will entertain each other and therefore the best way for them to make friends is for them to get to know each other first.

2. Provide a goody bag

A small gift bag can provide hours of entertainment for your younger guests. If you have children of varying ages, try to provide treats that are suitable for their age. Colouring, play-doh, bubbles, snap cards, stickers are all cheap and easy items to provide.

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Let me start by how much I can’t stop raving about the Marsala shade – which is of course Pantone’s shade of the year (2015).I was reintroduced to the color by a dear friend of my who asked me to try out a lip color of the shade and well let’s just say  I was a convert! I began imagining the color in the form of home furnishings and decided it would be such a beautiful color to add to add to various areas of decor.

-This rich wine hued color is trending everywhere on runways and is a beautiful color that can be shown off during the fall. If you are too skeptical to introduce the color as a part of bold furniture statements, you could add it in the form of small accessories.

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Table plans are one of those details that make my heart soar. They don’t require a lot of money spent on them, in fact I think some of the best ones are simple and easy to create at home.

Not having a fancy one will not in any way detract from your wedding day, but if you want the excuse to get creative and put your signature style into your day then they offer the perfect way to do just that. Keeping it simple often means keeping it chic, although calligraphy window panels get me every time…

Here are twenty of my favourite elegant table plan ideas for your wedding day.

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