Mint and Lace

LITD ~ Loblee Photography_0000

If there is one thing I adore it’s when unique talent comes together and this collaboration of Loblee Photography with Danani Handmade is exactly what I am talking about.

Beautiful photography meets intricately designed veil and voilà; it really can be that simple. There may be fewer elements to this shoot but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring. It’s the detail, the aesthetics and ultimately the simplicity that makes this mini shoot  so heavenly.

The best news is that  Danani ship their veils and other bridal headpieces to the UAE so if you dream of a juliet cap veil then have no fear ~ it is completely obtainable.

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Rustic Weddings

LITD ~ Rustic Weddings_0004

There is something so special about adding a touch of rustic into your wedding day ~ it’s all about embracing the haphazard, natural beauty and character of the wild. It is unpolished and raw.

Easy ways to add rustic touches is by using hay bales, home made wooden signs, earthy colours and seasonal flowers and berries, then you’ve got it.

These mood board shows you that rustic isn’t polished and perfect, it’s about encapsulating nature and it can look absolutely divine.

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Sareh Nouri Spring 2015

LITD ~ Sareh Nouri 2015_0004

Inspired by ‘florals and nature’s most beautiful textures’, Sareh Nouri’s Spring 2015 collection was filled with a harmonious blend of luxurious fabrics and laces from around the world.  

Eye-catching bead work and floral embroidery on sophisticated, long sleeved bodices feel refreshing and contemporary whilst simple, delicate touches like beaded straps are youthful and feminine. As ever, Sareh has created a truly beautiful collection for the modern bride….

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Get veiled

LITD ~ Get Veiled_0001

Now it’s no secret that I LOVE veils. I was never fussed until that fateful day when I first tried one on and I have been love drunk on them since.

Today’s post is not a plea to wear a veil (do) but simply to share my absolutely favourite veil images from some of my favourite photographers.

If you’re anything like me then you will be swooning for each and every image on today’s post.

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It’s all in the details ~ chandeliers

LITD ~ Decor ideas; chandeliers_0011

Chandeliers are a brilliant way to bring both light and elegance into your wedding day. They are also wonderfully romantic; hang a chandelier from a tree/barn/gazebo and ‘voila’, instant rustic romance is achieved.

If you’re looking to add that something extra to your chandelier then add some flowers ~ you will make it instantly eye catching and personal.

However, if a regular old chandelier does not float your boat and you want something completely unique and just plain awesome then maybe the last few images will help you in conjuring your very own chandelier ~ it never ceases to amaze me what can be done with old jam jars and light bulbs.

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