Oversized Bouquets

LITD ~ Oversized Bridal Bouquets_0001

I know that it may seem that I have a ‘new love’ almost every week but oversized wedding bouquets is another one. And it is up there on my list of new loves.

Beautiful fresh flowers in an unstructured abundance….what’s not to fall head over heels in love with?

Your bouquet can be the most organic statement piece of your day so if you love blooms then my advice, is just go for it. The bigger the better. The more unstructured the better. The longer the ribbon the better. Sensing a theme here?

Oversized bouquets are divine. In case you need some more persuading, here is a mood board of some of my favourites….

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Explosion of colour

LITD ~ DwJohnson_0000

I do love this engagement shoot. It’s fun, unique and so darn bright and colourful. DwJohnson has captured a wonderfully whimsical shoot inspired by holi fest and the best thing about it is I can’t help but catch the infectious laughter that exudes from these images.

In fact it makes me think that I really need  to get myself booked in for the next colour run….

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Blush and Grey

LITD ~ Blush and Grey_0000

I love colour palettes that mix the masculine with the pretty. The soft grey with the blush gives a lovely whimsical backdrop without being too ‘girly’ for your boy.

The grey is timeless and elegant and the blush brings in just the right amount of romance. I love these colours together and I think they are a perfect wedding choice….

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Samuelle Couture

LITD ~ Samuelle Couture_0006

There are some things in life that are just too beautiful not to share. Samuelle Couture is one of them.

Sam is a British bespoke designer who works from her New York boutique. Her dresses have a soft, whimsical feel whilst also being the most perfectly fitted and detailed. The fabrics are exquisite and the drapery divine. They are almost pieces of beautiful art….like I said, too good not to share. 

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Pump up the volume

LITD ~ Hair with volume_0001

Today is all about your bridal tresses.  

Some of us, myself included, are in a constant battle to inject volume into lacklustre hair. I have learnt over the years that back-combing is a fine haired girl’s secret weapon. Well that and a LOT of hairspray.

These may not be typical bridal hairstyles but they are feminine, sexy and touch upon the Bardot era which I love. Vintage volume if you will.  And because they are not typical bridal hairstyles they are also great inspiration for those in need of a hair ‘revamp’.

The thing is styling your hair takes effort and I must admit that I am guilty of nothing more than a badly pinned top knot on my more adventurous days. Looking at the smouldering sexy below is enough for me to pick up the comb and resuscitate my back-combing rhythm.

What do you think? Is vintage volume part of your wedding look?

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