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In a bid to achieve that elusive bikini body I went back to a tried a barre class last week and for the first time in years I felt elegant again (for all of 2 minutes and then the sweat and dread kicked in). But for those 2 minutes I was transformed back to my 8 year old self thinking I was an elegant ballerina and I loved it. On a completely separate note, if you haven’t tried a barre class then do it – I ‘good ached’ for about 3 days afterwards and gave myself the rest of the week off.

Anyway, it made me realise that ballet is a great wedding day inspiration; we all want to feel elegant as we walk down the aisle. From the classic ballerina bun to yards of flowing tulle, ballet is a great starting point for your creative juices.

Think ultra girly pinks, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at and an abundance of roses and you’re there. I think that there is also a real feminine sexiness to ballerinas which I’ve tried to show in this image set; sexy elegance, is there a better bridal combination? I think not.

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Sarah McKenzie | Butter and Brioche

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After the wedding, there comes the moving in together or for that matter you may already be living together – this is when you are faced with the dilemma of how to mix both your tastes in your Home Décor. You will definitely be the supreme authority when it comes to decorating the place, but of course you have to find a way to reflect your Man’s style into your home. Your styling choices should be able to bring balance to spaces where one sensibility is more dominant. Delicate accessories, soft colors, and ample flowers can help a masculine space lean more girly, while branches, indoor plants, leather details, raw woods, and striped accents lend a feminine space some more masculine appeal. The key here is in the balance. As soon as a space feels like it’s leaning toward one style, take a step back and evaluate what you can easily swap out to bring it back to center. Here are few of my tips on how to add those masculine hints to your home and not make him feel left out.

  1. Menswear prints in the Bedroom

When you are sharing the bedroom with your beau it becomes a little difficult to strike a balance between his clean masculine tones and your overly feminine prints in terms of bed linen. Your white ruffles can live happily with his gray sheets; so can your floral duvet with his striped pillows. Make sure you follow these basic rules: limit your colour palette to no more than three colours and one neutral; repetitive prints like plaids, tartan, stripes, polka dots, splashy florals or abstracts can all co-exist as long as they are all not in the same scale.

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Emily Riggs | Twisted Classics

I have become somewhat infatuated with the new influx of two piece bridal dresses that have been hit the 2015 collections of many bridal designers. In part I blame B of  House of Moirai as it was her beautifully designed two piece that really ignited this obsession in my heart. They so often bridge the perfect gap between elegant and daring, classic and sexy and for that alone I adore them.

I realise that the idea of a cropped top may be hell for some brides but there is a softer side to this trend too. Those that are made as a shorter dress with a large flowing skirt to slip over are incredibly classic and essentially give brides a second dress to wear for the evening…two dresses in one is my idea of heaven.

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Laure de Sagazan | Karen Willis

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With its reputation as a party destination, Amsterdam may not be the place that immediately springs to mind when you and your other half are considering a romantic short break. But beyond the Red Light District and notorious ‘coffee shops’, there’s a lot more to this vibrant, unique city than a cursory google might first suggest. One of the joys of travelling is exploring and getting to know your version of a city; one that goes beyond the guidebooks and finds those gems hidden within the misconceptions that we often have of a specific place. Amsterdam is not all stag dos and vice. Rather like the architecture that surrounds the canal lined streets, the romance to be found in this city has stood the test of time and goes back to the traditional activities of an age gone by. Here are some ideas that involve quality time with your loved one.

Take a tour of the city’s canals

As well as being known for its bicycles, Amsterdam is a city made famous by its canals. With a combined length of over 100 kilometres, it’s no wonder that Amsterdam is known as ‘the Venice of the North’. Boat tours are plentiful, and depart throughout the day. It’s a fantastic way to get a different perspective of the city and really appreciate just how many waterways and bridges there are! Evening dinner cruises are also available.

Take a tour of the Amsterdam canals

The city’s canals offer hours of exploration by foot and by boat.

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I recently returned home to Dubai from the most incredible two weeks in Bali. Being my fifth visit to the beautiful island it is no surprise that I am a bit of a fan! Yoga, raw food and wonderful company all made for a pretty blissful stay and coming home feeling completely refreshed and inspired… well, that is until I stepped onto that plane…

Despite the in-flight film, the time away from wifi and the (mostly) attentive cabin crew, flying is stressful and everybody’s body clock will invariably go haywire – you’ll perk up when everyone else is ready to sleep, be ravenous at 6am and want to go to the loo at inconvenient times. Flights are getting longer, legroom is tighter and soon it seems we’ll be flying non-stop for 20 hours…

Whether you are one of those people that always seems to pick up a cold whenever you travel or simply someone who feels a bit worse for wear after a long flight, I thought it might be useful to put together some travel tips to look after your body and spirit whilst on the plane, on the ground and getting over jet lag once you are home.

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